SAMPLE PACKS - Light Medium

SAMPLE PACKS - Light  Medium
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Loose Mineral Foundation - Sampler Sets
It is not easy to buy cosmetics online due to the colour differences from what the pictures look like under different lighting and what actually blends in to your skin tone. So the KALU team have put together sample packs for you to sample before you buy. 
Each sample pack listed below contains a set of 4-6 Loose mineral foundation shades in convenient stackable jars. 
With the purchase of this pack, you can choose up to FOUR other complementary powdered samples. Please browse our website and note the FOUR free powdered products that you would like by name in the 'Add Comments About Your Order" area when you checkout. 
You can choose samples from Versatile Mineral Powders, Setting Powders, Mineral Blushes, and Bronzers.


Sample Pack Categories

Since KALU Cosmetics strive to have a diverse colour range to match all skin tones with no one person left out, we have tried to make things easy for you and classify our Foundation Shades under the below categories:

Light For the palest of the pale caucasians who burn easily.

Light Medium For the majority of Caucasians, Europeans, Mediterranean, Pakistani and light-skinned Latin women.

Medium:  For Latin, Middle Easterners, Japanese, Korean, Phillipinas, South Vietnamese, Thai, and some Chinese, Indian/Sri Lankan and light-skinned African, or bi-racial women.

Medium Dark:  For Sri Lankan/Indian, African women with golden, copper or red tones mixed with earthy brown undertones. 

Dark:  For Africans, African-Americans, and Island ladies with deep chocolate complexion and red, blue, or copper overtones.


These sample packs are grouped in order from lightest to darkest shade in each range.

We recommend that you try a packs in your colour range, instead of ordering samples based on the website photos.