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Beauty without compromising health!

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About Us


KALU Cosmetics was created when I searched and found no mineral makeup brands that addressed my unique needs. As such, I decided to create my own line of mineral makeup, with the best quality ingredients for all skin tones. As women come from diverse backgrounds (and being of Sri Lankan decent myself), I can appreciate that all women deserve to feel great about themselves by having fresh and glowing skin to make us feel beautiful and confident throughout the day.

As women, we want our skin to be enhanced... not ashy, caked on, too dark or too light. We don’t want to compromise on making do with what is available because the current market doesn’t supply for all skin tones. We want to look great by day and by night. We want all of that without compromising our health by using chemically filled cosmetics. KALU Cosmetics prides itself as being inorganic and eco-friendly. 

At KALU Cosmetics we are dedicated to providing healthy and natural alternatives for women as we strive to bring the safest products with the purest ingredients. I want women of all skin tones to be able to access good quality mineral makeup and skin care at reasonable prices.

Because women come in varying skin tones, KALU Cosmetics provides a large spectrum of choices that will match everyone with no one person left out. There is no need to look any further for perfect colour match!

At KALU Cosmetics, you will find the perfect shade from the vast array of colour ranges and finishes whilst leading a healthier lifestyle.

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